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May 31, 2023 Insight.TechSetting Up IoT DevOps for Success with Advanced Simulation
"This openness and flexibility combined with the MIMIC Simulator’s speed and determinism can make DevOps QA and regression testing a reality for mission-critical engineering teams. And, in addition to enabling iterative updates and reducing development time, technical organizations are leveraging the platform for everything from technical training and sales demonstrations to pre-hardware modeling of IoT devices."
November 8, 2021 IWLYear-end promotion
From now until December 31, 2021 with the purchase of a MIMIC MQTT Simulator get 25% off the IWL MQTT Test Suite or vice versa.

Two great companies have come together to offer a great deal on a complete MQTT testing and development solution, to accelerate your product development. Contact us for more details.

April 17, 2021 Schneider Electric ExchangeMIMIC MQTT Lab now on Schneider Electric Exchange
You can now rent the most popular MIMIC MQTT Lab editions on the Schneider Electric Exchange.
June 1, 2020 Eclipse MarketplaceMIMIC MQTT Lab Sparkplug now on Eclipse Marketplace
MIMIC MQTT Lab Sparkplug to test Sparkplug deployments available on Eclipse Marketplace.
May 21, 2020 Insight.TechAvoid IoT Project Failure with Better Simulators
Proper network simulation is essential to a successful scale-up.
Rather than attempting to simulate physical hardware, Gambit simulates the traffic that IoT devices generate when they communicate across the network.
When end users can model their network and sensors, they can determine resource requirements before deploying a single device.
April 6, 2020 AWS MarketplaceMIMIC MQTT Lab now on AWS Marketplace
MIMIC MQTT Lab provides affordable, custom, rapid-deployment IoT Simulator labs on the AWS Marketplace.
March 16, 2020 PDFStatistical Flow Classification for the IoT - Gennaro Cirillo
MIMIC Simulator is able to create several virtual sensors capable of generating MQTT traffic, to test a system configuration before deployment.
The payload can be generated dynamically, while the time interval can be specified directly, together with the topic. We used different configuration files, to try to make the network as diverse as possible.
August 19, 2019 Insight.TechIoT Simulation: The Test for Success
60% of IoT projects fail at the proof-of-concept stage. ... As the number of sensors in the network increases, so does the chance of encountering an unexpected event. ... MIMIC supports dynamic rules that can adjust a simulation and introduce new parameters in mid-run.
October 15, 2018 PubNubRealtime Telemetry Simulation with PubNub
Using MIMIC, PubNub users can assure their customers that they will be able to handle the scales of connections, topics, and varieties of messages to work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments.
July 1, 2018 Samsung ArtikMIMIC MQTT Simulator now on Samsung Artik Marketplace
As part of our partnership with Samsung Artik, we are happy to announce our inclusion on the Samsung Artik Marketplace.
May 4, 2018 Graphical Networks Graphical Networks make netTerrain more powerful using MIMIC Simulator
“MIMIC provides flexibility in simulation and ability to recreate networks without investing in hardware, saving time and money.” Jason Sherman, Sales Engineering Manager
March 5, 2018 Gartner Report: A Guidance Framework for Testing IoT Solutions -- By Sean Kenefick
"... An IoT solution may be made up of hundreds or thousands of devices. To test all of the devices in their real environments may be prohibitively expensive or dangerous. However, you also need to ensure that your IoT platform and back-end systems can handle the load of all of those devices and correctly send and receive data as necessary."
January 12, 2018 University of Trento Thesis by Gennaro Cirillo Comparison of using traditional protocols and IoT protocols. Gennaro used MIMIC MQTT Simulator for IoT sensors. He captured MIMIC generated MQTT packets and analyzed using various packages
December 19, 2017 IIoT World Creating a Scalable IoT Environment Realistic testing of the application against the simulation early on significantly reduces problems.
July 17, 2017 Deploy Scalable Smart City Architectures Confidently With Network Simulation Anomaly detection is particularly useful as the MIMIC IoT Simulator allows developers to instantaneously scale the number of devices on a network and condense operations that would normally take place over months into a single test session.
April 26, 2016 M2M Cafe Creating a Scalable MQTT Environment MIMIC Simulator can help create a virtual IoT Smart City.
November 12, 2015 Seceon Lancope/Cisco "Lancope leverages MIMIC NetFlow Simulator for StealthWatch System testing, demonstrations and training.`"

" MIMIC is an excellent resource for us. It helps ensure that the StealthWatch System is thoroughly tested against the most commonly used NetFlow-capable networking devices. ", Byron Turner, Director of QA

June 30, 2015 CSR Excellence Award International CSR Excellence Award Gambit Communications Wins International CSR Excellence Award 2015
June 23, 2015 Seceon Seceon "MIMIC NetFlow Simulator helps Seceon Develop Innovative Data Center/Cloud Security Solution"

" MIMIC has been a tremendous help in aiding us to simulate different kinds of data center traffic with thousands of Hosts, tens of Switches and Routers. It provided a large lab environment which was otherwise impossible for us to build. ", Chandra S. Pandey, Founder and CEO

March 26, 2015 Vistara VistaraIT "MIMIC SNMP and Telnet/SSH Simulator provides enterprise grade networks for Vistara "

" MIMIC has been a huge value for us in multiple ways. Our engineers use MIMIC to test and demo nstrate Vistara against a broad range of SNMP devices using very little hardware. This gives us a significant cost savings. ", Mahesh Ramachandran, Sr. Director of Product Management

June 30, 2014 CSR Excellence Award International CSR Excellence Award Gambit Communications Wins International CSR Excellence Award
May 6, 2014 Cisco Cisco "Cisco benefits from MIMIC Web and SNMP Simulator for testing Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS)"

" Working with our new HCS Solution, we have been counting on Gambit to deliver us a simulated solution. Gambit provided exceptional support. ", Michael Lammon, Software Engineer - HCBU, Cisco

April 28, 2014 NetworkWorld NetworkWorld Network World's New Product of the Week: Gambit Communications' MIMIC Simulator Suite
October 24, 2013 Pepco Holdings Pepco "MIMIC Simulator helps Pepco identifying and preparing for crisis situations"

" MIMIC Simulator is a powerful tool that is easy to use. Because it has the ability to capture all the different SNMP versions, it minimizes the number of devices that need to be purchased saving money and lab space. ", Albert Jennings, NOC Engineer, Pepco

May 13, 2013 Device42 Device42 "MIMIC Simulator has made device42's complex and rigorous testing process mcuh easier"

" It has saved thousands of dollars in hardware expenses and significant amount of time in QA and customer support. ", Raj Jalan, Founder and Chief Architect, device42 llc

October 26, 2012 Green Apple Award Green Apple Award Gambit Communications receives International Green Apple Award - Fifth year in a row.
November 29, 2011 Green Apple Award Green Apple Award Gambit Communications receives International Green Apple Award - Fourth year in a row.
June 08, 2011 World IPv6 Day On World IPv6 day Major organisations will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour "test flight".

In support of this effort, MIMIC SNMP Simulator provides network operators with large-scale IPv6 network environment simulations to test network management of IPv6 assets. MIMIC NetFlow Simulator generates IPv6 flows to verify flow monitoring. MIMIC IOS Simulator and Virtual Lab products allow for training on IPv6 Cisco configurations.

For more details, click here.

March 29, 2011 Fed Tech Services Fed Tech Services. "MIMIC Simulator helps Fed Tech to provide Network Management Solutions to Federal Customers "

" MIMIC Simulator provides the network environment that is utilized by FTS to engineer holistic solutions that exceed customer standards and expectations while remaining under budget and on time ", Jason Pulfer, VP Service Delivery, FedTech Services, Inc.

Feb 01, 2011 Internet Telephony Internet Telephony Magazine "Company Expands Simulated Lab to Cloud, Mobiles "

" You wouldn't invest in a Cadillac to teach an inexperienced driver the rules of the road. Instead, at least in my day, Driver's Ed teachers used simulators to get their students acclimated to being behind the wheel. ", Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, IP Communications Magazines

January, 2011 IndUS Business Journal Gambit unveils new network management simulation tool The updated MIMIC has a new service, NetFlow Simulator, for complete evaluation and troubleshooting of flow monitoring, management and analysis applications. ...
November, 2010 SiliconIndia SI100 SiliconIndia si100 Gambit Communications is selected and honored in Top 10 Networking Companies in si100 list - Foruth time.

"The si100 not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the market place."

November 30, 2010 Green Apple Award Green Apple Award Gambit Communications receives International Green Apple Award - Third year in a row.
October 8, 2010 PCWorldPCWorld "iCCNAlabVersion: 5.30 (iOS 4.0 Tested)"

"iCCNAlab is an on-line lab accessible over the Internet. It consists of a hosted cloud of CCNA lab pods. Within seconds you can connect to a pod to practice Cisco IOS commands on various Cisco Routers and Switches."

June 7, 2010 Mibtree Mibtree Casestudy: Mibtree provides training for multiple Network Management Applications using MIMIC Simulator Suite

Tony Barratt, Training Consultant at Mibtree: "MIMIC allows us to simulate multiple network configuration quickly and easily. "
February, 2010 IndUS Business Journal IndUS Business Journal "Going Green" by Martin Desmarais.

"Gambit Communications Inc. is a company that scores with its customers on its cost-savings, but the green awareness quotient does continue to rise."

December 1, 2009 SiliconIndia SiliconIndia Gambit Communications bags International Green Apple Award

"Gambit have created a software solution to a hardware problem, creating impressive savings in costs, power and materials. .."

November, 2009 SiliconIndia si100 SiliconIndia si100 Gambit Communications is selected and honored in Top 10 Networking Companies in si100 list - Third time.

"A distinguished panel comprising accomplished Indian CEO's & CIO's of public companies, VC's, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including siliconindia editorial board decided on the top 100 companies listed ... "

November 30, 2009 Green Apple Award Green Apple Award Gambit Communications receives International Green Apple Award - GOLD Winner - Second year in a row.
May 6, 2009 Franklin University Franklin University "MIMIC Virtual Lab is helping us to achieve the educational outcomes we have set for the IT program. " Todd A. Whittaker, Program Chair, Information Technology
Case Study:
"Franklin wants its students to apply on the job tomorrow the skills learned in class today and MIMIC Virtual Lab helps us to bridge the gap between theory and practice. "
January 7, 2009 Nashua Telegraph Nashua Telegraph Nashua firm wins environmental award.

"Gambit received the award in recognition of its MIMIC Simulator, a product that simulates devices such as routers in a computer data center, reducing the amount of equipment needed to run the center. That translates to lower electricity use, carbon emissions and costs."

December 1, 2008 IndUS Business Journal IndUS Business Journal NH's Gambit wins award for environmental efforts.
November 19, 2008 SiliconIndia SiliconIndia Gambit Communications bags International Green Apple Award.

"...there were 500 nominations this year. Past winners include Public Service Company of New Hampshire and Jaguar Cars."

November 10, 2008 Green Apple Award Green Apple Award Gambit Communications receives International Green Apple Award - GOLD Winner
November, 2008 SiliconIndia si100 SiliconIndia si100 Gambit Communications is selected and honored in Top 10 Networking Companies in si100 list.

"si100 is an annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S. The si100 not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the market place.

A distinguished panel comprising accomplished Indian CEO's & CIO's of public companies, VC's, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including siliconindia editorial board decided on the top 100 companies listed ... "

October 20, 2008 FireScope FireScope "MIMIC Simulator helps testing of Business Service Management Products " - Case Study by Ryan Counts, Marketing Director, FireScope, Inc.

"Gambit's MIMIC allows FireScope to exercise the BSM Solution thoroughly to make sure that all real-world environments and conditions are tested. MIMIC gives more control over the test environment and makes testing a lot more efficient. It enhances their ROI many folds by simulating a real world network in their lab, capable of duplicating the required conditions at a fraction of the cost and effort. "

September 29, 2008 Networks Inc Networks Inc. Ltd. "Gambit's MIMIC Virtual Lab simplifies CCNA home study course "

"MIMIC Virtual Lab has really helped my students to get hands on time with Cisco devices without the expense of buying equipment. For those who do have access to live routers and switches, the MIMIC Virtual Lab gives an extra boost and a convenient way to do labs. ", Paul Browning, Founder of Networks Inc and author of CCNA simplified.

September 15, 2008 NWC Express Computer Hot this Week: Gambit MIMIC Simulator
September 8, 2008 NetworkWorld NetworkWorld Network World's Product of the Week: Gambit Communications MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA 3.42
July 31, 2008 NetworkWorld NetworkWorld "Cisco simulator can help thwart exam cheating " by Jim Duffy

"... MIMIC Virtual Lab software can help resolve the cheating on Cisco certification tests. "

March 10, 2008 Xirrus Xirrus "Gambit's MIMIC Enables Xirrus for Superior Testing " - Case Study

"MIMIC is a great product (ease of use and phenomenal tech support) and has saved us time and money", Ali Fatollahi, Sr. QA Engineer

March 1, 2008 NetworkWorld Cisco Subnet NetworkWorld Cisco Subnet "ACCESS TO TECH 2000'S CCNA LAB SIMULATOR "

"Developed in conjunction with Gambit Communications, Tech 2000's CCNA Lab Simulator is the first based on Cisco authorized CCNA certification track. "

December 28, 2007 NWC Network Computing Magazine "Gambit to Scale India Operations " by Sonal Desai

"Gambit Communications, one of the providers in network and SNMP simulation tools that enhance the productivity of management software developers and enterprise users is scaling up India presence. ..."

December, 2007 SiliconIndia COMPANY OF THE MONTH How to MIMIC your complex Network

"MIMIC Simulator, an innovation by Gambit Communications offers a virtual lab environment for enterprises and cuts down the time and money for testing. .."

November, 2007 SiliconIndia si100 SiliconIndia si100 Gambit Communications makes it in to si100.

"si100 is an annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S. The si100 not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the market place.

A distinguished panel comprising accomplished Indian CEO's & CIO's of public companies, VC's, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including siliconindia editorial board decided on the top 100 companies listed ...."

November 12, 2007 NWC Express Computer "Network Simulation " by Kushal Shah, Express Computer

"Growing network loads are leading to crashes which, in turn, are compelling organizations to resort to network simulation before going live. "

July, 2007 HP Openview Education & Training HP Openview Education & Training MIMIC Based Advanced Course - HP Network Node Manager Software II

"The Extended Topology deployment section includes labs using an SNMP simulation package (MIMIC), which allows the product to be run in a live environment to simulate common problems that can occur during deployment and how to troubleshoot them. ..."

May, 2007 Go Networks Go Networks "MIMIC helps testing of Wi-Fi NMS " by Gabby Tal, NMS Project Manager, Go Networks

"Review a case study of Go Networks, a cellular Wi-Fi devices and management applications provider, using MIMIC Simulator to simulate Wi-Fi devices for testing scalability and faulty conditions. "

September 1, 2006 Test & Measurement World TMWorld "Software tests network software" by Martin Rowe, Senior Technical Editor, Test & Measurement World

"Engineers at Adtran, a maker of DSL equipment, must test new features in the company's system-management software while making sure the existing features still work. "

May 1, 2006 Well-Connected Award Winner Well-Connected Awards 2006 Winner: Gambit Communications MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA 1.5 Network Infrastructure category - By Sean Doherty

"MIMIC Virtual Lab will keep your administrators well-connected to Cisco IOS."
"Administrators work and play with the IOS to set BGP and RIP routes, configure NAT, set ACL configurations and more, all off-line and out of harm's way."

September 1, 2005 NWC Network Computing Magazine "SNEAK PREVIEW - MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA - Network Crash-Test Dummies " by Bruce Boardman

"I wanted to see how much support for other IOS commands the simulator provides, because I had seen network simulators that support only a narrow subset of commands. This is not the case with MVL [MIMIC Virtual Lab]. The simulator doesn't support every command, but it is comprehensive in what it does support. ..."

July 22, 2005 The NEWS Show The News Show Dreaming Of Networks (Video) by Bruce Boardman of Network Computing magazine

"If you want to check out some new things without messing up your network, check out MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA ... "

April , 2005 Hewlett Packard Large Enterprise Business: Technology News Practice that profits

The cost of inefficient process is staggering. See how HP is helping educate IT students to prepare them for what to expect.

"...simulations enabled by MIMIC Simulator technology from Gambit Communications have a key place in some of the curricula of HP's Educational Services."
[Click here if you can't access it]

March 30, 2005 OpenView iNFORUM newsletter OpenView iNFORUM newsletter Disaster Preparedness and Training by Bill Cicci, Network Solution Engineer, SITA

"Gambit's MIMIC helps keep SITA flying high ... "
[Click here if you can't access it]

February 15, 2005 ncs_memberlink200.jpg - 41644 Bytes The National Center for Simulation Gambit/MIMIC More Intuitive and User-Friendly

"Makes GUI faster and more responsive ... "

December 08, 2004 TechRepublic TechRepublic Create a virtual router lab using Gambit's MIMIC by Michael Sweeney

"Fortunately, with Gambit's MIMIC, you can simulate a Cisco environment and do all the hard work without buying a single piece of hardware."
"Gambit's MIMIC product is significantly different than most other Cisco simulators. ..."
"One of the outstanding feature of MIMIC is the support of BGP. .."

December, 2004 OpenView iNFORUM newsletter OpenView iNFORUM newsletter Practice that Profits by Tracy Avent, HP Education Consultant

"Using MIMIC it is possible to simulate a variety of scenarios that students might shortly face at their workplace. ... "
[Click here if you can't access it]

October 1, 2004 INDIA New England INDIA New England Gambit's new product helps network engineers by Mark Pickering
September 02, 2004 HP Dev Resource Central HP Dev Resource Central Gambit gives non-stop systems a real test

"Test a new application for a non-stop environment, a network comprised of ten thousand devices? It's essential, of course, but not so easy untill Gambit was formed ... "
[Click here if you can't access it]

August 05, 2004 OpenView iNFORUM newsletter OpenView iNFORUM newsletter Network Simulators for Solving Budget Problems

"The use of a simulated "virtual" lab can eliminate the need for or expand the scope of an existing physical lab. ... "
[Click here if you can't access it]

July 13, 2004 TechRepublic TechRepublic Simulated labs offer low-cost alternative to IT pros seeking Cisco Certification by Michael Sweeney

"This (MIMIC) simulator is easily the most sophisticated of the three tested .. ... MIMIC also is the only simulator of the three that fully supports the routing protocol BGP."

Spring 2004 Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology - Dept Electrical & Computer Engineering The Course CpE 565: Management of LANs uses MIMIC SNMP Simulator
It was offered in Fall 03, Spring I 04 and Spring II 04 by Prof. S.K. Tewksbury.
April, 2004 HP Openview Education & Training HP Openview Education & Training New Advanced Network Node Manager Course available worldwide

"The Extended Topology labs use a SNMP simulation package called MIMIC. This powerful simulator allows the product to be run in a live environment, giving students the opportunity to experience common deployment problems and learn how to troubleshoot them. ... "

March 18, 2004 NWC India New England "Gambit hopes to imitate success with new software" by Mark Pickering
January, 2004 Lilien Systems Newsletter Lilien Systems 5 Day training on HP OpenView NNM 7.0 Advanced
November 03, 2003 Network World Fusion Network World Fusion "Gambit Simulates Enterprise IT" by Dennis Drogseth

"For enterprise users seeking economies in the evaluation, introduction and enhancement of new SNMP management products - Virtual Lab should be particularly worthwhile ... "

October 30, 2003 NWC Network Computing Magazine "Quick Takes " by Bruce Boardman

"If you are considering new products for your network but want to first test them out, Mimic Virtual Lab Enterprise offers a safe, real-world environment consisting of multiple simulated networks of routers, switches and end systems. ..."

October 13, 2003 Mass High Tech Mass High Tech "Gambit Simulates the network with virtual software" by Elizabeth Dinan
September 23, 2003 Certification Magazine Certification Magazine "GAMBIT Introduces MIMIC Virtual Lab Enterprise for Evaluation and Training Simulator"
September 16, 2003 Network World Fusion Network World Fusion "Virtual router labs" by Amy Schurr

"One of the challenges some people pursuing Cisco certification face is getting their hands on equipment to practice with ... Virtual labs are one alternative."

May 16, 2003 IT Pro NikkeiBP Workplace IT Pro, NikkeiBP Workplace, Japan "Digital Architect Corp. (Gambit's distributor in Japan) is scheduled to introduce Mimic SNMP Agent Simulator 6.0"
January 21, 2003 Interface Tech News Interface NOW "Gambit launches MIMIC Virtual Lab" by Jo McIntyre

"I think this is very productive and cost effective." Debra Curtis, Research Director at Gartner Group

January 2003 Enterprise Networking Magazine Enterprise Networking Magazine "Gambit Introduces Virtual Lab for Cisco Training Centers"
December 16, 2002 theWHIR The Web Host Industry Review "Gambit Debuts Virtual Cisco Training Lab "
October 2002 Netcool Users Conference Netcool Users Conference Presentation about MIMIC Simulator " How to increase the ROI of your management system through simulation" by Dennis Morton of Greenwich Technology Partners
October 4, 2002 New Hampshire Business Review New Hampshire Business Review "Gambit's network simulator is a virtual laboratory" by Cindy Kibbe
June 03 , 2002 Miercom Miercom MIMIC Simulator's Performance Verified in "Lab Testing Summary Report" by Miercom
March 26, 2002 Interface Tech News Interface NOW "Gambit simulator targets Cisco trainees" by Samantha Pena
March 15 , 2002 India New England News India New England "N.H.-based Gambit releases new 'MIMIC' product for simulating network devices"
March 4, 2002 Network World Fusion Network World Fusion "New tools ease Cisco IOS mgmt." by Phil Hochmuth
February 28, 2002 The Nashua Telegraph The Nashua Telegraph "Gambit to release MIMIC Simulator"
February 26, 2002 CT's Pipeline CT's Pipeline "Virtual Labs: Can They Provide Network Resiliency and ROI?"
February 25, 2002 Certification Magazine Certification Magazine "MIMIC Simulator 5.30 to facilitate Cisco certification"
February 25, 2002 TheWhir The Web Host Industry Review "Gambit Communications' New MIMIC Simulator Provides a Virtual Lab for IT Professionals"
January 23, 2002 TheWhir The Web Host Industry Review "Gambit Communications and NOC Builder to improve NOCs"
January 14, 2002 Mass High Tech Mass High Tech "Gambit names Paul Pappas as vice president of sales"
December 11, 2001 Cisco World Cisco World "New networking testing tool simulates Cisco devices"
December 11, 2001 Light Reading Light Reading "Gambit Mimics"
December 10, 2001 NWC Network Computing Magazine "SNMP Sim Suites: Simplify Testing and Training" by Bruce Boardman
June 25, 2001 Interface Tech News Interface NOW "Gambit rolls out simulation software" by Greg Mazzola

May 14, 2001 NWC Network Computing Magazine "Peregrine Perches Atop the Pack: How we tested network management platforms" by Bruce Boardman.

"MIMIC gave us a predictable target for SNMP performance."

April 27, 2001 Interface Tech News Interface NOW "InteQ adopts Gambit software" by Patty Enrado

April, 2001 India New England News India New England "N.H.-based Gambit boasts big-name customers" by Martin Desmarais

March 19, 2001 Network World Fusion Network World Fusion "Catching up with MIMIC" by Dennis Drogseth

"Instead of investing in hardware to create a preproduction test bed, you can use MIMIC to evaluate issues of scalability, policy implementation and device support."

March, 2001 LIGHTWAVE LIGHTWAVE Magazine "Faster service provisioning via sophisticated software" by Pankaj Shah, Patricia Chrystycz - Gambit Communications, Matt Hoffman - Appian Communications
December 11, 2000 NWC Companies to Watch Network Computing Magazine - "The Survivor's Guide to 2001: Network & Systems Management" by Bruce Boardman.

Gambit Communications - Companies To Watch

December, 2000 Network Magazine Network Magazine: New Products & Services - Cable-Modem Management Simulation Tool from Gambit.
September 4, 2000 Network World Fusion NetworkWorldFusion: "Windows watchers: ipMonitor is tops at keeping a close watch on your midsize Windows network" (See how MIMIC was used in the "How We Did It" section)
September, 2000 SUNServerworld SUN ServerWorld "Quallaby builds lab to model NSP deployment strategies"
"The lab operates with 12 Sun Enterprise 4500 servers configured as 8 network data collectors (2 CPUs each) monitoring 400,000 MIMIC agent-simulated network resources .."
July, 2000 SoftwareBusiness Software Business Magazine "Virtual Lab For Network Management Applications" by Pankaj Shah, Uwe Zimmermann and Patricia Chrystycz (Reprints available) Full Color Version
May 26, 2000 PlanetIT "N+I Review: Good Times For Systems Manager" By Oliver Rist, Contributing Editor

"MIMIC lets you see how that software would react in specific stress, alert and disaster simulations."

May 22, 2000 InternetWeek InternetWeek "How I Spent My Las Vegas Nonvacation" By Oliver Rist, Contributing Technical Editor

"In the real world, this (MIMIC) makes for a great disaster-recovery and capacity-planning tool. In my world, it's just a great testing tool."

May 8, 2000 Mass High Tech Mass High Tech "Pair of firms help companies train workers on, troubleshoot networks" By Faycal Benhassain
February 7, 2000 NWC Network Computing "Network Management That Works" By Bruce Boardman.

...the simulation looked like a routed interface to the network performance products under test, and let us vary the MIB values in predictable and radical ways....

October 20, 1999 Redmond Mag Redmond Magazine "Gambit Releases SNMP Simulation for Enterprises" By Scott Bekker.
September 7, 1999 InternetWeek Internet Week magazine "Management Apps Get Down To E-Business" by Rutrell Yasin
September 1, 1999 LIGHTWAVE LIGHTWAVE Magazine p. 110 "Simulation design software boosts optical networking." by Robert Pease

... Simulation software tools for telecommunications applications such as equipment design, network management, or network development are being applauded by industry analysts as useful and cost-effective methods for improving today's networks...

August 23, 1999 NetworkWorld Fusion  Network World Fusion - Network/Systems Management newsletter: "Network in a box - Coming to a theater near you" by Dennis Drogseth

"... IT organizations looking to try out policies and new management applications before moving into production are just beginning to use MIMIC. For large environments, at least, this makes sense and can save real money. ..."

August 23, 1999 UnicenterTNGAdvisor Unicenter TNG Advisor magazine - "Augment your Unicenter TNG Lab with SNMP Agent Simulation" by Pankaj Shah and Uwe Zimmermann (Reprints available)
August 3, 1998 LanTimes reviews MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator

"MIMIC is a good match for any organization that already has a management framework system, such as HP OpenView, in place."

"... the simulations are powerful and accurate enough for even the most exacting customer."

"We found it a powerful and unique tool for re-creating enterprise networks ..."

"... we recommend MIMIC to anyone who is interested in having a "check" on their network management system ..."

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