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Gambit Communications leading Simulation Software Provider.

Gambit Communications® is a leading provider of network simulation tools that enhance the productivity of enterprises, device vendors, management software developers and outsourcers while lowering their costs.

Founded in 1995, Gambit has continued to grow successfully without outside funding. Sales have continued to be strong since the launch of its flagship product, MIMIC® Simulator (SNMP, NetFlow, Telnet/SSH, Web (REST/SOAP), IPMI/RedFish) , in September 1997.

Today, Gambit remains a private and profitable corporation. This success is attributed to its customer-centric focus - an approach that provides a powerful, multi-use product, which directly meets the customers' needs both in terms of features and cost-effectiveness. This strategy has brought numerous industry leaders into Gambit's portfolio of 1000+ customers:

  • - hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson and Avaya;

  • - software vendors such as IBM, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, BMC and EMC;

  • - integrators such as Accenture, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics;

  • - service providers such as AT&T, Vodaphone, Verio, BT, Verizon and Time Warner; and

  • - high-profile enterprise customers including JP Morgan, VISA, Safeway, Shell and Boeing.

Our IoT Simulator products aid development / testing / deployment / training / demonstration of large-scale Internet of Things applications. Find us on multiple marketplaces such as AWS, RedHat, and many more.

Gambit has been receiving the International Green Apple Award since 2008, five years in a row: Gambit was the GOLD Winner in recognition of Gambit's environmentally friendly product - MIMIC SNMP Simulator - Virtual Green Lab. Gambit has also won International CSR Excellence Award in recognition of Gambit's Corporate Social Responsibility and of the extensive work Gambit carries out above and beyond its core service of being a network simulation software provider.

Gambit's MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA was a winner of Network Computing's Well-Connected Infrastructure Product of the Year 2006.

Gambit was a Finalist for Best of Show Award in Network Management at Networld+Interop 2000 Las Vegas.

Gambit Earned Network Computing's Companies to Watch in 2000 along with HP, Lucent and Tivoli.

Gambit's powerful simulation products:

With its innovative products, high level of network management development expertise, customer-centric focus and acceptance by IT industry leaders, Gambit Communications is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with tools that speed time to market while reducing development, testing and other related costs.

MIMIC Simulator is sold in the United States and internationally by Gambit's team of sales professionals, including selected distributors in Europe and Asia.