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MIMIC Web Simulator creates a virtual lab with hundreds of simulated web servers. It allows you to easily develop and test your web clients, management and monitoring products. Having a virtual and scalable environment, you can try variety of scenarios to test your applications to assure your customers that your web services will work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments. Best of all, you can reduce your lab budget significantly.

You can use MIMIC Web Simulator to create a virtual environment with vSphere, vCenter, ESXi, Hyper-V, RHEV, RHEV-M, Redfish, VirtualBox, Cisco Prime Collaboration Solutions, WinRM and many other virtual and physical entities.

MIMIC simulates many web services related protocols - SOAP, REST, XML, WinRM, SNMP etc. It allows you to access the simulated devices and services from your web based management and network management application simultaneously. This makes it much easier for the DevOps team to test, configure and deploy applications.

MIMIC WEB Simulator is used to simulate components in large data centers:

  • Unified Communications environments - Cisco CUOM, Cisco Call Manager, EMC Smarts, Avaya VPFM

    MIMIC simulates CUCM, CUCM Clusters, VOIP phones, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Presence and other Web services with SOAP, REST, XML and SNMP protocols.

  • Simulate Hypervisors / Virtual Machines - VMWare ESXi/vSphere, Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, RHEV, etc. They are managed by vCenter, Remote Box, RHEV-M, vBoxAdmin and other applications as if they are managing real Hypervisors.

  • Element Management - Record WS-MAN requests and responses from your application to a managed entity to create a simulation out of the box.

  • Security / Configuration Management

    Configuration Management scanners

  • Network Infrastructure

    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    Supported protocols: SNMP, SOAP, REST, XML and WSDL along with HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP Redirect.

MIMIC Web Simulator includes the following components:

  1. Web Wizard: Easy to use wizard enables you to record every aspect of a web server.

    It captures a session between the web client and server. It then converts the recording into a simulation.

  2. WSDL Compiler : Compiles WSDL files to include with the simulations.
  3. Web Simulator:You can create a scalable web services environment.
  4. SNMP Simulator:Combine the web simulation with SNMP Simulation to get a complete server behavior simulation. You can manage the server using SNMP along with the Web services.

You can use MIMIC Web Simulator for many applications:

  • Development and Testing: Web application developers can implement their products quickly and test reliably.
  • Evaluation: Enterprises can evaluate the suitability of applications with anticipated failure and growth scenarios, or qualify purchases before deployment.
  • Trade Shows: Marketing can setup powerful "live" demonstrations at trade shows.
  • Sales Demos: Sales can tailor presentations to the individual customer's environment.
  • Training Environments: Realistic training scenarios can explore all possible cases. Training environment can be portable rather than based on the classroom.

If you are interested in creating your test lab with devices and topology, MIMIC Simulator Suite allows you to create SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, IPMI, Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS, Telnet/SSH based devices. You can simulate as many as 100,000 devices in a lab. It includes MIMIC Recorder to record your production network and duplicate it in your test lab.