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MIMIC® GNMI Simulator

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MIMIC GNMI Simulator simulates the OpenConfig gNMI specification as detailed in this page . The GNMI service defines a gRPC-based protocol for retrieval and modification of device configuration, and the control and generation of telemetry streams from a managed device to a data collection system.

This management protocol is found on Cisco Nexus switches, Arista EOS, Juniper JUNOS and others.

Like all MIMIC Simulator components this simulator is specifically designed to be highly scalable, real-time customizable, programmably dynamic and predictably repeatable for developing, testing, training, deployment and proof-of-concept of gNMI based management applications.

MIMIC Protocol Support

MIMIC GNMI Simulator simulates the following components to approximate a gNMI managed device:

  1. gNMI server: A HTTP/2 server exporting the gRPC-based gNMI service
  2. YANG models: YANG models in JSON format can be imported to extend the support of simulated devices
  3. RPC support: Support for CAPABILITIES, GET, SUBSCRIBE RPC methods;
  4. Integrated instrumentation: MIMIC simulates dynamic, predictable, customizable telemetry of object instances.

The MIMIC Product Suite

  • MIMIC Simulator: Simulates an entire network. Configurations are run-time customizable. MIMIC responds to queries on any of its configured IP addresses, so it is as if the NMS application is talking to actual devices.
  • MIMICView: A user-friendly GUI to manipulate the simulations.
  • MIMIC Shell: A command-line interface.
  • Discovery Wizard: Discover, record and simulate networks in a single step.
  • MIB Wizard: Import and compile multiple MIBs simultaneously.
  • Simulation Wizard: Build a custom simulation quickly just by specifying the MIBs needed; seeding the simulation with values; specifying default values to use; or entering custom values.
  • Topology Wizard: Create topologies of devices, networks, their interfaces and interconnections.
  • Update Wizard: Provides notification of product updates and optional add-ons.
  • Libraries: Include devices from leading device vendors, like Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, and small and large networks, and over 1,200 MIBs.
  • Platforms: Supports Windows®, Solaris™, Linux™ and Amazon Cloud. (details)