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"As an 'on-demand' learning tool, the MIMIC Virtual Lab represents a realistic and highly scalable alternative to physical laboratory equipment. While the benefits to students preparing for certification exams are obvious, the real benefit is accessibility to a proficiency tool which can be continuously changed as the user's needs change. This is simply prohibitive without simulation technologies such as MIMIC."

- Dennis Griffin (CCSI, CCNP) Cisco Instructor.

R&D: Virtual "test network" environment

Enterprise-wide Network Management applications typically communicate with many manageable devices. In order to exercise the application, a laboratory must setup a facsimile of the expected environments. This translates in to setup, maintenance, support and management of a lab within the budget constrains. That is why enterprises and manufacturers turn to MIMIC Simulator for overcoming the hurdles and creating a reliable environment.

Released OEM Versions

  • Tech2000 CCNA Lab Simulator: First simulator based on Cisco authorized CCNA certification track - Developed based on MIMIC Virtual Lab.
  • CCNA Simulator Kaplan IT - A trusted name in test preparation has partnered with Gambit to introduce CCNA Simulator.


Whether you need to create an environment for training or for your customers to evaluate your products, MIMIC Virtual Lab delivers a wide range of customized options through our OEM opportunities:

1. Training organizations:

Would you like to create a training environment that truly reflects the material being taught? MIMIC Virtual Lab can be customized to meet your course requirements. MIMIC Virtual Lab will improve the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. After using MIMIC in the classroom, students will be able to take the training lab with them on their laptops. This will allow you to provide practice labs for all your courses, even courses that offered remotely or online. In turn, you will have better prepared and more satisfied students.

2. Networking Vendors:

Do you wish that your customers could experience the power of your NMS application when they are making a purchasing decision? Do your customers need to be trained on your application, but they don't have an appropriate lab for training? MIMIC Virtual Lab solves these issues. With MIMIC Virtual Lab, you can create customized environments that will allow potential customers to evaluate all the key features of your products in a real-world environment. Once they have purchased your application, you can then use MIMIC Virtual Lab to train everyone, who will be using your product. MIMIC Virtual Lab will help to deliver value to your customers through the entire sales and life cycle of your applications.

Why settle for "close enough" when you can create a fully customized experience with MIMIC Virtual Lab? To become Gambit's OEM partner, call us at (603) 889-5100 or e-mail us at