Test your management application with hundreds of Dell iDRACs

Testing your configuration management application or data center
orchestration software for large scalability requires you to setup a
large lab with many servers.

In the case of Dell servers, the Dell iDRAC is a card with out-of-band
control and monitoring of a Dell server. Rather than buying many servers
and hardware, you can simulate the iDRAC and server in MIMIC Web Simulator.

The screenshot below shows the Dell OpenManage Essentials application
managing 100 simulated Dell servers. The simulation allows complete
control to achieve whatever testing or demo scenario you want.

Once simulated in MIMIC, each of these devices are available on
the network as if they are real devices. Your management applications
can access them and have a complete control over their configurations.
You can easily start, stop them and change their parameters at
run time. You can customize the simulation at run-time to introduce