Appendix A: IOS Commands

This is a partial list of supported commands:
Router IOS Commands Mode
? um, en, ct, ci, cm, pm
< command > ? um, en, ct, ci, cm, pm
access-list ct, ci, cl
auto-summary ro
bandwidth ci
banner ct
banner login # ct
begin um, en
cdp [enable | holdtime | run | timer] ct
class pm
class-map ct
clear arp-cache en
clock rate ci
configure terminal en
connect um,en
copy en
copy running-config startup-config en
copy startup-config running-config en
copy tftp flash en
copy tftp running-config en
copy tftp startup-config en
debug all en
debug dialer [events | packets] en
debug eigrp [neighbors | packets] en
debug frame-relay lmi en
debug ip igrp transactions en
debug ip ospf [database | events | neighbor] en
debug ip rip en
debug isdn q931 en
deny ipa
description ci
dialer [fast-idle | idle-timeout] ci
dialer map ci
dialer pool-member ci
dialer remote-name ci
dialer string ci
dialer-group ci
dialer-list ct
disable en
disconnect um,en
duplex ci
enable um,ct
enable [password | secret] en,ct
encapsulation dot1q ci
encapsulation frame-relay [cisco | ietf] ci
encapsulation [isl | ppp] ci
end ct, ci, cl, cm, ipa, ro
exclude um, en
exec-timeout cl
exit en,ci, ct, ipa
exponential-weighting-constant ct
fair-queue ct
frame-relay ct
frame-relay adaptive-shaping {becn | foresight} mc
frame-relay bc [in | out] bits mc
frame-relay be [in | out] bits mc
frame-relay cir [in | out] bps mc
frame-relay idle-timer [in | out] seconds mc
frame-relay intf-type ci
frame-relay lmi-n392dce threshold ci
frame-relay lmi-n393dce events ci
frame-relay lmi-t393dce seconds ci
frame-relay lmi-type ci
frame-relay route ci
frame-relay switching ct
help um, en, ct, ci, cm, pm
hostname ct, ci, cl, cm, ipa, ro
interface ct, ci
ip access-group ci
ip access-list ct
ip address ci
ip classless ct
ip default-gateway ct,cm
ip host ct
ip mtu ci
ip nat inside source ci
ip nat outside source ci
ip nat pool ct
ip nat translation ct
ip ospf cost ci
ip route ct
ip router isis ci
ip routing ct
ip summary-address eigrp ci
ipv6 ct, ci
ipv6 address ci
ipv6 rip enable ci
ipv6 router ct
ipv6 unicast-routing ct
isdn switch-type ct, ci
keepalive (f/r lmi command) ci
line ct
line aux 0 ct
line console 0 ct
line vty 0 4 ct
logging ct
login cl
logout um,en
mac-address ci
map-class ct
match cm
neighbor remote-as ro
net (is-is) ro
network (bgp) ro
network (eigrp) ro
network (rip) ro
no access-list ct
no banner ct
no banner login ct
no cdp enable ci
no cdp holdtime ct
no cdp run ct
no cdp timer ct
no clock rate ci
no debug eigrp packets en
no description ci
no dialer-list ct
no duplex ci
no enable password ct
no encapsulation ci
no frame-relay switching ct
no ip access-group ci
no ip address ci
no ip classless ct
no ip default-gateway cm
no ip host ct
no ip nat inside source ci
no ip nat outside source ci
no ip nat pool ct
no ip nat translation ct
no ip ospf cost ci
no ip route ct
no ip router isis ci
no ip summary-address eigrp ci
no ipv6 ct, ci
no ipv6 address ci
no ipv6 rip enable ci
no ipv6 router ct
no ipv6 unicast-routing ct
no isdn switch-type ct, ci
no keepalive (f/r lmi command) ci
no logging ct
no login cl
no mac-address ci
no neighbor remote-as ro
no net (is-is) ro
no network (bgp) ro
no rate-limit ci
no router bgp ct
no router eigrp ct
no router igrp ct
no router isis ct
no router ospf ct
no router rip en
no shutdown ci
no snmp-server ct
no snmp trap ci
no snmp trap link-status ci
no trunk group ci
permit ipa
ping um,en
police pm
policy-map ct
ppp authentication ci
priority cl
queue-limit ct
random-detect ci
rate-limit ci
reload en
remark ipa
router bgp ct
router eigrp ct
router igrp ct
router ospf ct
router rip ct
service-policy ci, cl, cm, mc, pm
show access-lists um,en
show adjacency um,en
show arp um,en
show backup um,en
show buffers um,en
show cdp um,en
show cdp entry * um,en
show cdp entry name um,en
show cdp interface um,en
show cdp neighbors um,en
show clock um,en
show compress um,en
show configuration en
show controllers um,en
show dialer um,en
show flash all um,en
show flash chips um,en
show flash detailed um,en
show flash err um,en
show flash summary um,en
show frame-relay lmi um,en
show frame-relay map um,en
show frame-relay pvc um,en
show frame-relay route um,en
show history um,en
show hosts um,en
show interface [type|type n/n] um,en
show inventory um,en
show inventory raw um,en
show ip access-lists en
show ip aliases um,en
show ip arp um,en
show ip bgp um,en
show ip eigrp neighbors um,en
show ip eigrp topology um,en
show ip interface um,en
show ip nat en
show ip ospf um,en
show ip protocols um,en
show ip rip um,en
show ip route um,en
show ip route bgp um,en
show ip route eigrp um,en
show ip route ospf um,en
show ip route rip um,en
show ipv6 um,en
show ipv6 interface um,en
show ipv6 rip um,en
show ipv6 route um,en
show isis um,en
show location um,en
show logging um,en
show memory um,en
show modemcap um,en
show processes um,en
show processes cpu um,en
show processes memory um,en
show protocols um,en
show running-config en
show running-config interface en
show snmp um,en
show startup-config um,en
show tcp statistics um,en
show terminal um,en
show users um,en
show users all um,en
show users wide um,en
show version um,en
shutdown ci
snmp trap ci
snmp trap link-status ci
systat um, en
systat all um,en
terminal history size um, en
terminal length um, en
terminal width um, en
traceroute en
trunk group ci
undebug all en
where um
Switch IOS Commands Mode
access-list ct
banner ct
cdp ct, ci
clear arp-cache en
clear port-security en
configure en
connect en
copy en
debug en
description ci
disable en
disconnect en
duplex ci
enable en
enable password ct
enable secret ct
end ct, ci, cl, ipa
exit en, ct, ci, ipa
help um, en, ct, ci, ipa
hostname ct, ci, cl, ipa, vl
interface ct
ip ct
ip access-list ct
ip default-gateway ct
ip host ct
ipv6 ct, ci
ipv6 address ci
ipv6 rip enable ci
ipv6 router ct
ipv6 unicast-routing ct
line ct
logging ct
logout um, en
mac-address aging-time ct
mac-address static ct
mac-address-table ct
no en, ct
ping um, en
random-detect ci
reload en
show access-lists en
show adjacency um,en
show arp en
show buffers en
show cdp en
show clock en
show configuration en
show flash: en
show history en
show hosts en
show interfaces en
show interfaces switchport en
show interfaces vlan en
show inventory um,en
show inventory raw um,en
show ip en
show ipv6 en
show location en
show logging en
show mac-address-table en
show memory um,en
show port-security en
show processes um,en
show processes cpu um,en
show processes memory um,en
show running-config en
show snmp en
show spanning-tree en
show startup-config en
show tcp statistics um,en
show terminal en
show users en
show version en
show vlan en
show vtp status en
shutdown ci
snmp-server ct
switchport access vlan ci
systat en
telnet um, en
terminal en
traceroute en
trunk ci
vlan ct
vlan database en
vtp vl
where um, en
Catalyst Switch Commands Mode
show trunk en
clear trunk en
set interface en
set trunk en


um = User EXEC mode
en = Privileged EXEC mode (enable command)
ct = Global Configuration mode (configure terminal command)
ci = config-if mode (interface command)
cl = config-line mode (line command)
cm = config-cmap mode (class-map command)
ipa = ip access-list configuration (named access-lists)
mc = map-class
pm = policy-map
ro = router config
vl = VLAN

For details see, eg. Cisco IOS 12.4 Documentation.